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A Day Trip

Whenever we go to Waterford it’s always to visit family, never really to visit the place.  So yesterday that’s what we did.

On International Women’s Day, March 8th, I spotted a post within a group on Facebook that said:

“International Women’s Day exhibition at City Library, Lady lane. Opening today featuring unveiling of Blue Plaque to Rosamond Jacob, Tapestry by Waterford Women’s Centre and profiles of more than 120 forgotten Waterford Women”

Lady Lane Library Exhibition
Lady Lane Library Exhibition via Waterford History Group (closed) Facebook

Now, I had recently been reading about Rosamond Jacob, an Irish Suffragist, a Republican and an activist to her last day – she had been born in Waterford in 1888 and moved to Dublin in 1920  (She was also a Diarist – a wonderful insight to history) So the above post definitely tickled my fancy!

Saturday dawned and off we went via Bus & Luas to Heuston Station and off on the train we went to Waterford.

Dublin to the Deise


When we arrived down the library was closing for lunch so we went off to the Medieval Museum and then to the Bishop’s Palace  Wow!  It’s amazing that when you think you know something, even just a bit of something, then all of a sudden you realise you don’t even know the half of it.  Sometimes the realisation that there is some much more out there – it really is a mind blower!

After wandering around those two museums and realising we’re really going to have to make more time for them, we headed back to the library.  As we were wandering slowly along the ladies, himself called me to a particular sheet:

The Keatings of Comeragh
The Keatings of Comeragh

I couldn’t believe my eyes!  Their brother William was my great-grandfather.  Yes we know their story but to see if acknowledge,d here in a library, by others, well, it’s heart-lifting!  These stories get lost as generations come and go – even within families – so it was truly wonderful to see them here.  It has also given me that little bit more impetuous to get the stories before they (the stories) are gone.

So yes – this was definitely a day that has made me smile (even if we didn’t get to the blue plaque)

Waterford County Museum:
Waterford Library:
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We’re off to see the wizard

We’re not really.  The we in question is myself and my parents and we’re off to Waterford.  My original notion behind this weekend was I’ve to visit my two grandmothers and give out presents and cards.  As the folks were heading I’m getting a lift from them.  One of the reasons for the folks visit other than the usual was that it was Dads 60th last weekend and he’s going out for food with the brothers & sister.  I get to go as I’ll be there and they can’t have me on my own all night can they? 🙂

It will be a little bit odd as himself won’t be there and as mentioned earlier there is that carol concert that I’ll be at but without him 😦

I was talking to one of the girls in work about how this weekend I’d planned to go through the kitchen and make space for Christmas supplies – I’d like to know how the going away part of the weekend managed to slip my mind as I’ve had this planned since something like August!!!  Never mind I can do the kitchen another time – It’s not Christmas yet.

Ok now I’m wittering! I think I still have tonnes of stuff to do – I’m not packed, I don’t have the presents wrapped (I’m not 100% where the wrapping paper is).  However the cards are written and I have another two hours to be ready.  With that in mind I’ll talk to you later 😀