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A New Book – Météores

Today started rather good – himself has had surgery and it appeared to have gone well.  However, later on it seems that there will be yet again another side effect we will have to possibly deal with 😦  It’s not a biggy as such but it’s disappointing that this has happened.

On the other hand there was this waiting for me when I got home – Météores by Christophe Jacrot


It is so beautiful!  I love rain and snow so this book is book is right up my alley.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to flick through the pages.  My particular favourites are “Le petit chaperon rough, Paris” & “Velib, Paris”

If you like photography or weather then this is a definitely a book to get.

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The Big Snow

Here in Ireland we get two types of weather – warm rain and cold rain – ok that’s an exaggeration but sometimes I don’t think that it’s by much.  I have to admit I don’t mind the rain and given a choice I’d pick cold rain.  However, the weather episode of choice for me is Snow!  probably because we don’t get it that often and so it holds its magic.  I have a feeling if it arrived every year it would turn tiresome and mundane, but it doesn’t, so it isn’t 🙂

This year I turned 40, yes I know I don’t look a day over 21 but there you have it!  There is one snow event that it still referred to in hushed tones of awe – The Big Snow of ’82.  I was 6 and a half (always important at that age!) and we had only lived in Dublin 2yrs.  As Dylan Thomas said “I can never remember whether it snowed for six days and six nights when I was twelve, or whether it snowed for twelve days and twelve nights when I was six”, all I can remember is that it seemed to go on forever.

One of the things that stuck in my memory from that time is Soft Cell and Marc Almonds trousers when he was on Top of the Pops singing “Tainted Love” – he looked like he was wearing black sacks ( I was 6!).

When the snow came people did put black sacks into their wellies and up their legs to keep their trousers dry.  Or at least I think that was it – I don’t think we were that trendy in Portmarnock to have those kind of baggy trousers, and if we were you certainly wouldn’t have worn them with wellies!

So what is it that has brought about this bout of nostalgia?  Well it’s that time of year again when the papers and websites start to predict snow – the coldest winter in 50 years, since records began, EVER!!!!  Happily they are simply reprinting the same stories as last year and simply updating the numbers.  In one such story I saw a link to a home video from 1982!  Yes, Virginia, A home video – smart phones? – ha! this was the hi-tech end of the analogue age (more nostalgia?)  So it’s not as crisp and it doesn’t have volume, for some I suppose the snow isn’t even that high, but for me it was a wonderful time – no responsibilities, no school, randomly no electricity but we had snow and enough of it to make snowmen!


(And another with more colour and a bit of chat)

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If you know me, then you know I have a thing about snow.  I love it.  Actually, I love what is generally considered bad weather.

I also like to take photos.  There are a great many photographers out there that I wish I had but a fraction of their talent, but there is one photographer who takes the photos I’d love to take!

Meet Christophe Jacrot:  Facebook, Twitter, Website

On his site he has them all grouped – How about:


Melting Greenland (a sad thought for such beautiful photographs)

Winter In Town

and most recently White Iceland the photo on this page that I love is The Orange Tunnel!

this is a sample of his fantastic work:

SantaClaus – not going to make it too big – click on the links behind them holds such beautiful visions!

This is the one thing that isn’t making me smile – he had an exhibition in Paris November-ish time and we just couldn’t get over.  Hohum – I’ll just have to keep checking back just in case there’s another one.

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Two Of My Favourite Things

Snow covered Champs-Elysées Avenue by Mehdi Fedouach/AFP/Getty Images


Snow & Paris – what more could you ask for in May?

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Skiing in Montmartre

This is a video that contains two of my favourite things (Do not start singing that song from the sound of music – ok do:) )

Anyway – SNOW & PARIS -talk about heavenly!


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Bad Weather

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I do like bad weather, whether it’s wind or rain, hail or snow I love love love it.

So here is a photographer that has captured some fabulous miserable weather and it all really does look absolutely fabulous – anyway his name is Christophe Jacrot and he has some beautiful photos of Paris & New York.

Here’s an example to tempt you –



Please visit his website these pictures need to be shared!!!


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We’re not getting snow here this year – it’s way too mild.  Mind you it’s not very often that we do get snow so I shouldn’t be that surprised (still disappointed though).  However, there is a very cold spell happening over in Europe and Russia.  I know that snow has it’s draw backs and dangers but it is so beautiful.  Below are 2 pages of wonderful snow photos (hopefully the url will remain live as time goes on)




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Last night I picked up my hook and started to crochet. I hadn’t done any since October/November and when I read a post on the blog Posy I just got the urge. I had seen on various sites that people had done ripple blankets so I’ve decided to give it a go – I have a fair bit of wool that doesn’t appear to be doing anything so last night I did the chain, first row and a bit of the second row and it is the width of the bed. I don’t see it as something with a deadline so I will probably finish it quicker. I don’t know what it is about deadlines but I when I have them I tend to put the project away and pretend it isn’t happening.

About last nights snow – well it didn’t snow for too long and it started to melt and turn to slush unfortunately the temperature dropped and outside is like an  ice rink.  I was supposed to go out for a spin in the car with my Dad but we have wisely put it off for today however it does mean I have to walk all the way to the shops for dried cat food – I am a lazy mammy.

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If there is one thing that I love it’s SNOW!!  I just noticed that somebody mentioned they had snow and I thought jealously nice for them!  I glanced at the window and realised we had snow too!  I just bounced up and down the hallway and ran out into it.  I’ve been promised we can both go out for a little while after QI but for now here is my Tilly (the car) in the snow: