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A New Book – Météores

Today started rather good – himself has had surgery and it appeared to have gone well.  However, later on it seems that there will be yet again another side effect we will have to possibly deal with 😦  It’s not a biggy as such but it’s disappointing that this has happened.

On the other hand there was this waiting for me when I got home – Météores by Christophe Jacrot


It is so beautiful!  I love rain and snow so this book is book is right up my alley.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to flick through the pages.  My particular favourites are “Le petit chaperon rough, Paris” & “Velib, Paris”

If you like photography or weather then this is a definitely a book to get.

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A Lovely Picture

There’s something really nice and simple about this – one more photo you wish you’d taken yourself.

Photo taken by Laura Malucchi

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Bad Weather

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I do like bad weather, whether it’s wind or rain, hail or snow I love love love it.

So here is a photographer that has captured some fabulous miserable weather and it all really does look absolutely fabulous – anyway his name is Christophe Jacrot and he has some beautiful photos of Paris & New York.

Here’s an example to tempt you –



Please visit his website these pictures need to be shared!!!


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I’m sitting here waiting for the kettle to boil and outside it’s started to rain. I love the sound of rain – pitter patter pitter pitter patter pitter.

Rain at night needs a quiet and dark room – just to sit there and listen – feeling safe.

Rain in the day brings a choice of two things – stay in with a hot cuppa and watch the rain running down the windows looking at the distortions OR put on your coat and wellies and go out in it jump in puddles and just get thoroughly soaked.

Funnily going out in the rain reminds me of V For Vendetta –
God Is In The Rain:

Time for the quiet dark room 🙂

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Soggy Saturday

It is raining outside and I can hear the rain hitting the puddles. I love it!
On the other hand I’m surfing sites about Paris.

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I love it!  I love being out in it (especially if I’m prepared for it) but most of all I love the sound of it.  The past two mornings have found me waking to the sound and sight of rain.

So for my enjoyment: