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My Radio

I love listening to the radio – I have one in every room in the apartment even the smallest room!

Actually, that’s not exactly true – I did have a radio on my locker but retired it for the telly.  What I mean by that is we get the radio through the television and the signal is much, much better!  However this morning two things happened to be bring the radio back to the locker – I woke up in time to listen to Gloria on LyricFM and the remotes were over on his locker.  The radio was found, plugged in and I snuggled back down to listen.  It really was glorious!  The reception wasn’t too bad either.

Speaking of reception – I mentioned earlier that reception is better on the telly – well that’s not really worth anything if there’s no electricity!  As was the case last week.  I had just gotten off the bus when all of the house alarms started going off.  It seems that when the electricity fails you don’t get silence these days.  I do like having no electricity – it’s like an adventure!  Anyway with no telly or internets there was only the radio left!  So out came my transistor (I don’t think they can be called a tranny any more)  and the reception of BBC radio 4 was PERFECT!  We listened away ’til the lights came back and at that point all of the static electricity that was being generated completely destroyed the reception.  Now I know some will go what did you expect but it had never dawned on me before – yes, electrical weather but household, no!

Here is my old faithful –

IMG_2728 I’ve had her for too many years than I’d care to admit to!

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BBC Radio 4

or BBC radio 7 – I love them!

However the best time to listen to them is just before going to sleep.

There is nothing more relaxing than hearing a voice talking in the background.  Please note it’s hearing a voice not necessarily listening to it – that requires too much concentration and would only keep me awake – that is why the choice of programme is very important.

Tonight I don’t think it will be BBC7 as there is some comedy on and I might be inclined to listen so I think it’s going to be “The World Tonight”, a bit of the “Book at Bedtime” and if I am still awake it’s “With Great Pleasure” – mind you if I’m still awake by B@B there must be something wrong.

Anyway I’ve to go and settle in for a nights listening – I’d better not forget to set the timer – last time I’d done that I was listening to Classic FM and I woke to the sound of whispering in the room – I got such a fright I couldn’t go back to sleep which totally defeated the point of putting on some lovely relaxing music to fall asleep to 🙂

Good Night!