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John Betjeman – Death in Leamington

I will happily admit that one of my favourite poets is John Betjeman.  Last night I was in bed watching Kenneth Williams being interviewed by Michael Parkinson.  He was in the company of Maggie Smith & John Betjeman and towards the end of the excerpt they had a piece where Kenneth & Maggie read a Betjeman poem.  It was beautiful!  As P. says he could listen to Maggie Smith read anything but I have to say I thought Kenneth Williams was fantastic – once he’s voice is controlled it’s very moving.

So here is:

Death in Leamington

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The Nation’s Favourite Poems

Himself picked up the double CD of “The Nation’s Favourite Poems” and we are sitting here deciding which poem to listen to next. I have a definite softness for William Butler Yeats, Gerard Manley Hopkins and Dylan Thomas.
There really is something lyrical about the rhythm of spoken poetry. Maybe it’s a good job I’m not in bed ’cause this stuff would just send me straight to sleep. I reckon that is a throw back to being read to in bed. These days the radio, the telly or himself reading to me will have me out cold in no time.
I’d better go and look after the kitchen but I have a feeling that tonights sleep will have a Dylan Thomas soundtrack – Under Milkwood I think.