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Forgot to mention

Tomorrow I’m going down to my sisters to go niece visiting.  I don’t think I’ve seen my sister so much as the last 10 weeks but it’s really lovely to see both of them – must bring cake.

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Nice Niece

Well we went to see her the day before we went away and we’ve been to see her since we’ve come back and she is a little doll!

She was asleep when we arrived out so we got to see her in her cot – when Kay took back the blanket there she was asleep rolled over on her side with her little legs tucked up – she had on these little socks that made it look as if she had little shoes on – just totally adorable.

Later on her dad appeared with her in his arms claiming that she was waking up – not too sure about that but I gladly went along and therefore got the following pictures:



I have to admit I’m absolutely mad about her and so proud of my sister!