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I’m Back

I’ve had a year of distraction between one thing and another.  However this morning it feels like I’m the old me again.  I didn’t wake ’til almost 09:00!  don’t you love a Saturday that doesn’t start early?  I’ve pottered about, had my breakfast.  I’ve started to use almond milk on my porridge – it’s a flavour combo I think works well together and the almond milk also reminds me of the Horchata we had when we were in Valencia earlier this year.  I’ve posted a photo over on my other blog Here, I’ve dipped into blog feeds I haven’t opened in months!  and I have a blanket on my hook that is calling to me.  I think all in all I’m starting to feel a lot more settled in myself and that makes me very happy.  Now I’m off to do a little of my Duolingo (one of the things that has occupied my time for the last year – I’m on a 233 day streak!) and then I have to actually start the day.

Have a great Saturday and here’s a lovely picture to start your… Afternoon!

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My Radio

I love listening to the radio – I have one in every room in the apartment even the smallest room!

Actually, that’s not exactly true – I did have a radio on my locker but retired it for the telly.  What I mean by that is we get the radio through the television and the signal is much, much better!  However this morning two things happened to be bring the radio back to the locker – I woke up in time to listen to Gloria on LyricFM and the remotes were over on his locker.  The radio was found, plugged in and I snuggled back down to listen.  It really was glorious!  The reception wasn’t too bad either.

Speaking of reception – I mentioned earlier that reception is better on the telly – well that’s not really worth anything if there’s no electricity!  As was the case last week.  I had just gotten off the bus when all of the house alarms started going off.  It seems that when the electricity fails you don’t get silence these days.  I do like having no electricity – it’s like an adventure!  Anyway with no telly or internets there was only the radio left!  So out came my transistor (I don’t think they can be called a tranny any more)  and the reception of BBC radio 4 was PERFECT!  We listened away ’til the lights came back and at that point all of the static electricity that was being generated completely destroyed the reception.  Now I know some will go what did you expect but it had never dawned on me before – yes, electrical weather but household, no!

Here is my old faithful –

IMG_2728 I’ve had her for too many years than I’d care to admit to!

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Morning Weather

This morning we got our first frost of Autumn.  Originally I thought it was frost but decided it was just a heavy dew fall on the cars but on closer inspection it really was frost.  I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to take some photos but bus timetables weren’t going to accommodate me.

I do love looking at frost on brambles and grass verges everything looks so fragile.  I really love this time of year as it never fails to disappoint.  Tomorrow I’ll bring my camera with me and take a couple of snaps.  I’m not promising anything as I haven’t mastered the art of composition yet.

According to this site it is -1C but feels like -6C = time to wrap up warm!

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I fed the cats and then they gathered at my feet worshipping me and my ability to open the front door 🙂 Opening the front door shortly after getting up in the mornings is lovely. The house is stuffy from sleeping people and that sudden burst of light and freshness is invigorating. As I’m closing the door I feel like I should run into the bedroom and throw on a tracksuit and runners and go for a walk. Unfortunately I don’t I womble back into the computer to finish my morning skim on the net and then it’s breakfast and bathroom and bus to work – not the kind of I must get out in this freshness that I would like. Of course the funny thing is that if I didn’t have to go to work I’d still be in bed and would miss this gloriousness.

So three cheers for that door opening to leave in lovely sunshine, a bracing drop in temperature and a lung full of clean, thinner, fresh air and if it’s raining just take away the sunshine bit (that’s rare enough here anyway).