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If I Was A Cat I’d Purr

There are two things I love about getting my hair cut:-

  1.  Somebody washing my hair.  As the title suggests it really would make me purr, if I won the lottery this would be my luxury – having somebody wash my hair.  There is something so soothing about it.
  2. I no longer do a rather good impression of an old English Sheepdog  – think Dulux Dog!

As part of the eternal list of things I like, yesterday I got my hair cut.

Here’s how it turned out – I’m also rather impressed with the photos – who knew it was difficult to photograph the back of your own head!!


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Hair Today

Actually gone this evening! I know it’s silly but I do look forward to having my hair cut. I love the fact that apart from the length in the fringe I don’t really notice too much that it’s lost its shape but with a snip here and a snip there the whole thing is magically transformed back into its old self again.
So I’ll go from fringe in eyes:

Arthur Dent

To shiney hair!!


I know you can’t really see it in the photo above but I like the outfit I had for that wedding so that’s why the photo – to be honest my profile picture of my profile is a better picture of what it will be like.

I had a hair style like that on and off for most of my life and it was only in recent years when I went back to it that I came across Louise Brooks and that made it much easier to get what I wanted.

Must dash!