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Brain Melt

I’ve been subscribing to a few blogs lately and the RSS feed gives me the last 25 posts.  This is fantastic and had LOADS of lovely pictures so I’m having a great time looking at the with awe and envy.  There was one picture I saw that had a set of shelves in them just beneath a window and they were white.  They almost looked like they were for a childrens room.  Do you think I can remember where it was I spotted this picture?  My poor brain is melting and all I want to do is show himself the picture as I reckon something similar would be nice next to the dresser.  It would be somewhere for the cookery and craft books to go.

I think I’ll have to go to bed as my brain is now refusing to function.

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They are wonderful on the other hand I am not. I do apologise but this is going to be a little whingy/giving out. I have a wonderful penpal who writes to me – If I say more often then I write to her I could be accused of understatement 😦 I think that at the rate of new leaves I’m turning over, in my letter writing habits, I should really look up and spot the trees. I think that this is the last leaf I’m turning over – I’m writing letters and that’s that! I’ve been given a nudge so it’s time to put pen to paper and just do it.

My problem is I’m a procrastinator – I’ll write that later, once it’s written it’s another battle to get it into the envelope and addressed. After that I have to stamp and post it = a month at its fastest – how can that be??? I work above/in the General Post Office!!!

I’m going away for the weekend – (London here we come) so I’m bringing addresses and there will be a start of postcards. I have to admit – rubbish at letters great at postcards when I go away. Don’t know why just am. So to end this bit of a whinge with something to smile about here is a postcard I sent home when we were in Paris last year:

Paris Café