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I’m Back

I’ve had a year of distraction between one thing and another.  However this morning it feels like I’m the old me again.  I didn’t wake ’til almost 09:00!  don’t you love a Saturday that doesn’t start early?  I’ve pottered about, had my breakfast.  I’ve started to use almond milk on my porridge – it’s a flavour combo I think works well together and the almond milk also reminds me of the Horchata we had when we were in Valencia earlier this year.  I’ve posted a photo over on my other blog Here, I’ve dipped into blog feeds I haven’t opened in months!  and I have a blanket on my hook that is calling to me.  I think all in all I’m starting to feel a lot more settled in myself and that makes me very happy.  Now I’m off to do a little of my Duolingo (one of the things that has occupied my time for the last year – I’m on a 233 day streak!) and then I have to actually start the day.

Have a great Saturday and here’s a lovely picture to start your… Afternoon!

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I’m sitting up in a London Hotel bedroom.  It’s almost 07:30 and I’ve been awake since 06:00.

Breakfast will be served soon, although I still have to wait.

I’ve started to read Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and I’m using the map of London to plot Smilies first day in the book.


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Sunny Sunday Breakfast

In the mornings we have sunshine on our veranda but come the afternoon the sun is out in the back garden.

So this morning I had my breakfast out doors.  Yes the weather has been that good over the last few days.

Armed with my iPhone I took a photo but can’t decide which app – the Instagram or Flickr?




Whichever one you like let me reassure you it was all really delicious & relaxing.

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Heston Blementhal’s Perfect Christmas

I’m not treading a fine line on is it too early to mention Christmas?  For me it’s never too early 🙂

I saw this a few years ago and there was another one made subsequently but for me this is the one to watch – it’s pure magic!

Heston’s Perfect Christmas

I’ve been trying to embed it but am not having any luck so please click the link and start to feel the spirit of Christmas even if you don’t tell anybody 😉

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A Taste Of Your Life

I’ve watched this programme and I’ve often wondered what would mine be.

While the programme seems to have dishes for me it’s single things –

Fry’s Chocolate Cream and After Eights remind me of my Granddad on my fathers side and Apple Tart, a fry for your tea and most importantly Christmas Pudding remind me of Nannan (grandmother on dads side)

Bourbon biscuits remind me of my other Granddad on my mothers side and egg in a cup makes me think of Nanny (mothers mother)

What reminds me of my parents is a little more difficult.  It’s grapes for Dad.  He’d always get grapes when we went shopping and would sit chomping on them for the evening and we of course would try to help ourselves.   When it comes to Mam it gets very general.  It’s mainly baking especially boiled fruit cake.  I think it’s the licking the bowl and the putting everything together.  I also associate Christmas Pudding with Mam to but not in a good way.  I did breadcrumbs every Christmas but I always thought it was for the stuffing not realising that it would be a lot of stuffing!  I never knew that was what went into the pudding – I was devastated.  Mind you it didn’t put me off and I love it.

On a minor subcategory of Christmas Pudding.  Nannan always made it.  Granddad loved it fried & my mother told me what was in it.

Anyway time to go but just one quick question:

What would be A Taste Of Your Life?