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Driving Test No.1

I know that this is supposed to be the place that makes me smile etc but I thought I’d put this in just as a memory anyway.  This morning I failed my driving test – hence the no.1 in the title.  I’ve applied to do it again so we’ll see.  I seemed to do ok all the way through until an incident with a mini-roundabout and a jeep type thing put the mockers on the whole thing.

I think I had my hopes built up that I would pass – as Dad had said I should pass if there aren’t any incidences or if my nerves didn’t get the better of me – well we had incident 😛

Next time however I really will be only telling himself and whoever is coming over with me.

So yes I’m disappointed but what harm – I had a lovely day lying on the sofa watching daytime TV and movies.

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Pretty Things

I have a blog for giving out in and I have a LiveJournal for wittering in so I think that this is going to be a Weblog of things that make me smile.  This could be anything from nice pictures of my cats, food, things I’ve made or would like to make and just general pretty things.

So to start the list of happiness this morning I drove myself and himself down to Blanchardstown to do our weekly shopping.  This was the first time for the shopping and only my second time down to the shopping centre.  I’m pleased that we managed it without incident after all I’m only learning to drive and I’m also pleased ’cause our fridge and presses are full again.