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I’m Back

I’ve had a year of distraction between one thing and another.  However this morning it feels like I’m the old me again.  I didn’t wake ’til almost 09:00!  don’t you love a Saturday that doesn’t start early?  I’ve pottered about, had my breakfast.  I’ve started to use almond milk on my porridge – it’s a flavour combo I think works well together and the almond milk also reminds me of the Horchata we had when we were in Valencia earlier this year.  I’ve posted a photo over on my other blog Here, I’ve dipped into blog feeds I haven’t opened in months!  and I have a blanket on my hook that is calling to me.  I think all in all I’m starting to feel a lot more settled in myself and that makes me very happy.  Now I’m off to do a little of my Duolingo (one of the things that has occupied my time for the last year – I’m on a 233 day streak!) and then I have to actually start the day.

Have a great Saturday and here’s a lovely picture to start your… Afternoon!

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Slow Progress

Confession time – I hurt my hand from playing Nintendo 😦  At the time I was also making a baby blanket for my cousin, so the blanket kind of ground to a halt.

Ok it wasn’t just that my hand/thumb was killing me – it was also the fact that I’d decided to make this blanket with stripes that encouraged me to put off picking it back up again.  Don’t get me wrong – I love this blanket – it goes up lovely when you’re doing it all in the one colour.  However, a different colour for every row is a pain in the bum!  For the first few rows I didn’t weave in the ends – figuring I’d do it with the border – however I realised it was going to have to be done with each row if it was going to be well hidden.

On Friday night I dreamt that my cousin’s wife had, had a baby boy.  This would have been a good thing ’cause I was making a blanket for a girl – this might have been my sub-conscience trying to ease my guilt.  So although the plan for the weekend was to read I put it on hold and picked up hook & wool.

As I type I’ve got 50% of it done (no photo) – the fact that it’s 100 rows makes it easy to see your progress.  I also decided to post updates on Instagram as I went along:

Saturday Morning
Half way through the day…
End of Day / Sunday Starting

BTW the blanket is from this pattern:
If you do it – enjoy it.

I’ll post another photo this evening to show where I am by bed time.

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Crochet & Podcasts

I have a few podcast subscriptions and ended up with over 160 unlistened to. One of them is from a radio show that I just don’t get a chance to listen to and for some unknown reason I hit a wall when it came to listening to the various programmes. Then I had a revelation I could just skip them! Now I’m finding that after a few minutes if it’s not something I’m in to then I just skip onto the next one. I was down to 50 however I’ve just discovered a new Podcast. So with one or two updates I’ve now got 62. I’ve also discovered that they are great to listen to in work to block out some of the noise – does that make sense? I am listening to these programmes so I don’t have to listen to the noise going on around me – replacing one noise with another!

Recently I’d been trawling through patterns on Ravelry (I’m duu there) and every once in a while I’d come across a pattern that was on Lion Brand Yarn. This is a fantastic site but for a while I didn’t bother with it. When I was redirected to the site I looked as if it was blocked or something and I never really bothered to read the page properly. However I eventually did and I signed up – it was free and it has loads of patterns in there. That is where I found YarnCraft it looks to be fairly good and there is an associated podcast – this has just bumped my number up – oops

Anyway I now have to go and update my iPod 🙂

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Crochet Greed / Specs.

I tend to dabble and generally don’t do too much – but the bit that I do I enjoy immensely.  There is one website that has a wealth of patterns –  However every once in a while it would send me to pattern on  For this site you had to log on and because there are times when ‘couldn’t be bothered’ is my motto I never signed up.  Yesterday I signed up – I’ve looked through the first 11 pages of crochet patterns and I think I’ve come across about 5 patterns that I definitely want to do.  I think I may have to quit my job or manage my time a bit better ’cause I have a feeling that I’m going to be VERY busy.  To make it worse/better – now that I can drive officially I can now go off in search of wool shops – I’m going to be so broke!  I can’t wait!!

Actually I am broke – I got new glasses yesterday and boy oh boy but recession is obviously not in an opticians vocabulary!  On the other hand the frames were rather fab.  The down side is that because of my lense prescription they couldn’t do it there and then so it will be this time next week before I have a new face.  That was part of the discussion we had last night – himself only wears glasses for reading on the other hand I have them on all the time.  So while frames aren’t overly important to himself they are to me ’cause they are going to part of me.  It’s like being able to decide what eyes you have or your nose or mouth… not sure if that makes sense and when we were chatting I managed to phrase it a bit better but  I can’t remember what I said now – that’s the problem with having conversations late at night 😉

Anyway – sunny day means I shouldn’t be on the computer.  He doesn’t know it yet but we’re off to out look at stuff – it’s not that interesting -we’re going shopping.

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Digging out the sticks

Last year my MIL was in hospital and I thought it would be nice if I made her a blanket and it would have been if I’d actually done it.  OK to be precise I did start the blanket and then got a bit cheesed off doing it and besides she was out of hospital and doing fine without the blanket.  I’ve been tripping over this bag for the best part of a year and the couple of rows have been taunting me so I decided to take it into the living room and get stuck in while I’m watching telly.  Me & crochet + telly = watching wool and listening to voices from corner of the room.  If you are wondering what kind of blanket I am – I want to say making but that makes it sound like I know what I’m doing.  So this is the stitch that I’m experimenting with – if it’s successfull then I was making it but up until then it will remain experiment.

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Last night I picked up my hook and started to crochet. I hadn’t done any since October/November and when I read a post on the blog Posy I just got the urge. I had seen on various sites that people had done ripple blankets so I’ve decided to give it a go – I have a fair bit of wool that doesn’t appear to be doing anything so last night I did the chain, first row and a bit of the second row and it is the width of the bed. I don’t see it as something with a deadline so I will probably finish it quicker. I don’t know what it is about deadlines but I when I have them I tend to put the project away and pretend it isn’t happening.

About last nights snow – well it didn’t snow for too long and it started to melt and turn to slush unfortunately the temperature dropped and outside is like an  ice rink.  I was supposed to go out for a spin in the car with my Dad but we have wisely put it off for today however it does mean I have to walk all the way to the shops for dried cat food – I am a lazy mammy.

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Craft Plans

I have decided that for next year (2009) I am only going to do 2 cross-stitch projects.  Like my reading I’m a slow stitcher so I’m not going to put any pressure on myself.

I’m going to get something from this page:

Dimersions Cross Stitch Company

And I’m going to give this a go:

Cirque Des Cercles

Actually I’ve a notion about what I’m going to do with the one just above so we will have to wait and see.

I don’t know what I’m going to do about crochet for next year – no doubt it all depends on what’s happening and patterns I come across.
However I do plan to complete my collection of Brittany Hooks.  They are absolutely gorgeous and I’ve 4 already.

Anyway them are the plans and we’ll see where we get with them.  Right now I’m making a hat so I’d better go and finish it.

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That Blanket

Is Finished!!!!!

After 4 months and only doing it in spurts I’ve finished it – my sister can now safely have the baby.


Phew!  I didn’t anything from the post below just sat and finished this – I’m stiff from sitting all day 😦

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Blanket update

Well I’m really proud of myself – I’ve 11 rows left (not counting border)  I wonder what is on the telly tomorrow night?  Ooops can’t crochet tomorrow as we’re going to see The Dark Knight -hoorah!  So telly for Wednesday – I must investigate.

Back to the blanket – I’ve started the last diamond row – I have the bottom bobble row completed and I’ve one more row to complete the second bobble row.  As mentioned I’m really proud – expect a photo next week hopefully of a completed blanket.


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Sisters Blanket

Ok I’ve about 18rows and a border left on my sisters white blanket and 25/27 days left to finish it.  Yes it’s doable but will I?  I’ve been putting this off for I don’t know how long – eek and time is running out.

With that in mind I’m going to watch the end of University Challenge, Chinese Food Made Easy & New Tricks down in the bedroom where it is a cat and clutter free zone and hopefully there I will get some of those rows completed. I shall update my progress at the end of this session.