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If you know me, then you know I have a thing about snow.  I love it.  Actually, I love what is generally considered bad weather.

I also like to take photos.  There are a great many photographers out there that I wish I had but a fraction of their talent, but there is one photographer who takes the photos I’d love to take!

Meet Christophe Jacrot:  Facebook, Twitter, Website

On his site he has them all grouped – How about:


Melting Greenland (a sad thought for such beautiful photographs)

Winter In Town

and most recently White Iceland the photo on this page that I love is The Orange Tunnel!

this is a sample of his fantastic work:

SantaClaus – not going to make it too big – click on the links behind them holds such beautiful visions!

This is the one thing that isn’t making me smile – he had an exhibition in Paris November-ish time and we just couldn’t get over.  Hohum – I’ll just have to keep checking back just in case there’s another one.

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Christmas Reminder

When I miss Christmas, I put a dash of mixed spice into my hot chocolate!



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Heston Blementhal’s Perfect Christmas

I’m not treading a fine line on is it too early to mention Christmas?  For me it’s never too early 🙂

I saw this a few years ago and there was another one made subsequently but for me this is the one to watch – it’s pure magic!

Heston’s Perfect Christmas

I’ve been trying to embed it but am not having any luck so please click the link and start to feel the spirit of Christmas even if you don’t tell anybody 😉

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December 2nd

I had a notion that I would like to make a blog post everyday for the month of December. However I have been foiled at the first hurdle and our internet went down yesterday and still hasn’t returned. I’m writing via my little net book – 3 cheers for a back up!
So this is my first December blog post:
Today we are definitely allowed to talk about Christmas! All throughout November we’ve been studiously ignoring what the shops have been doing. Ok secretly I’ve been basking in all of the sparkle:)
December 1st sees all of the stalls setting up on Henry Street in Dublin and that for me means it’s started. I was sitting in a coffee shop yesterday and just seeing the decorations up sees me a heart jump of glee. So with me glee I hoped on the bus going home last night and all I could see were twinkles. Our bus route passes through estates where there are houses dotted here and there with lights on the houses. Others just don’t have their curtains closed and we can see their tree lights blinking and some have candle bridges. Don’t tell anybody but I’m softening to candlebridges.
Last night Christmas kicked off with Delia. OMG but that food looked to die for! To top it off so did the house. I would sell my granny for a house half that size! We also took in the decorations and tree from the shed. I don’t think they will be put up until next weekend as I’m away this weekend. Yikes! just realised I’m going to have to get pressies for that trip!
Best dash for now – talk to you all soon!

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I do miss them

Yesterday I took down the Christmas tree and put away the lights and all of a sudden the room looks bare and empty.  There is something about a tree with it’s baubles and lights that make a room look happy – I don’t know what it is.  However last night saw me put them back in their boxes and this morning we took the tree apart.  I know it’s a little late but it would seem that visually Christmas is over for this season.  Mind you I have a note on my screen saying get ready for Christmas ’09 but if I know me I will ignore that until November and the headless chicken impression will kick in 😀

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It’s almost Christmas

When the Christmas issue of Good Housekeeping comes out on the first Thursday of November it’s official – I can start to plan Christmas out loud.  Then they start to mess with the dates of the Radio Times and that means it’s December and we’re almost there.  Well tomorrow the Christmas double edition of the Radio Times is coming out and then we’ll know that it is officially ‘Tis The Season.  I’ve my pink highlighter at the ready!  I will admit that I buy two of the Radio Times – one for me and one for him.  Sadly I tend to collect the Christmas edition – even if it’s only a new habit I’ve started – this one will have Wallace & Gromit on it –  Fantastic!!!!

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National Craft Fair

This evening we are off to the National Craft Fair – this is not to be confused with the Knitting and Stitching. At the K&S you buy the stuff to make yourself and at the NCF the stuff is done and being sold at fairly hefty prices. The price part is why I wouldn’t sell any of the stuff that I make/do ’cause between the cost of materials and time put into it you couldn’t get somebody to pay that price not when the high street shops cost even less then the materials you’ve used.
So this evening I’m planning on getting some essential oils (Lavender, Juniper & Frankincense) and a hat.  I’ve been saving for the hat so this year I will have the cash.  I was disappointed last year not to have that amount of money spare 😦  The year before I picked up a beautiful hat so I’m looking to add to the collection. Erm I seem to have lost the photos I had of the hat – I will just have to get some of the new one instead.

There is also a food hall.  I’m not going to buy any tea this year – I tend to go oh that lovely lets get some and then don’t use it – I don’t know why.  However there will be all sorts of other foody goodness.

I will post a list of goodies purchased when we get back.

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Decembery Goodness

It’s the first of December – like you needed me to tell you that!

I was away for the weekend with my mother and her guild of the ICA  and I had great fun.  We were doing a weekend course in hand stitched Christmas decorations.  We headed off on Friday and came back yesterday after dinner.  I have to say it was great and you came home with something to show for it!

This is the wall hanging that we did, it is also a introduction to patchwork.

Christmas hanging-1

Santa part of hanging-1Tree part of hanging-1

I am having visions of this house getting overrun with fabric as I have taken a shine to this.

While we were away we went for a walk on Saturday morning after breakfast and before class and I happened to have my camera with me. So as we were coming up to the top of the road this is what appeared before us.

It really was lovely. However this morning December seems to have kicked in with the weather. As I type I have the heating on and the kettle is boiling for a cuppa ’cause when I got up this morning and looked out the window this is what greeted me:
opposite with frost-1
upper with frost-1

If I’m being honest this is the kind of weather that I’d like to see on Christmas day – wake up and it’s all white and then forget about it as it gradually goes – yes I’d love snow but that really can cause havoc so for safety I’ll sacrifice my dreams for a heavy frost 😛
Mind you even with that frost it can be dangerous – I’m expecting my mother over to me this morning as we are going to get an artificial Christmas tree for me (I think with cats in the house it’s the wisest choice) – anyway mam is coming over but I’ve a feeling that the roads will be slippery so I hope she will be alright getting over.

While I’m waiting for her to arrive I think I’ll hunt out my advent calanders and start opening windows!

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Carol Services

Last year myself and himself went to Waterford in December to give out presents to the Grannies.  As a break from all the visiting we popped down the town.  As we were coming up from the clock tower we could hear Christmas Carols, I could see the speakers outside the Cathederal and figured that was nice of them to play music for the shoppers.  However after a minute of two of listening and discussion we realised that it was a broadcast of what was going on in the church itself.  Happily we popped in and stood down the back for a few songs.  Hand on heart – I can say that was one of the highlights of the festive season for me.  It was so unexpected to hear and see this lovely music performed live.

With last year in mind I’ve been keeping an eye out for this year – I’ll be down visiting the two Grannies and as luck would have it the carol service is being held that weekend too!  The only draw back is that this year I most likely won’t have his good self with me ’cause of work 😦  So in a way I’m torn I’m looking forward to hearing the music but I won’t have anybody to hold my hand and appreciate it all with me.