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Hello little forgotten Blog

This is supposed to be full of things that make me smile – given how often I post here you would be forgiven for thinking I never smile!  Sadly I’m going to shift the blame to facebook and it’s got nothing to do with my lack of effort 🙂 – honest!

We all know how it goes – you’re scrolling down your feed and you see something that you think is worth sharing for a number of reasons, so it’s easy enough – press share and the jobs oxo!  Well from now on I’m going to try and cross post a few of the more “Aww! cute” things over here – I might do an all in one post rather than each time…

So having said that I’m going to do an all in one post here’s an individual post ’cause rules were made to be broken!

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Weekend Endeavours

This is the blanket that I’ve almost finished – the ball finished before the pattern did with two more rows so roll on tomorrow for a little shopping spree:)

Merry-Go-Round Blanket

When we came back from shopping I got the notion that I wanted to make buns/fairycakes.  I don’t know why and I don’t think I’ve made them since school so that makes it at least – 15years.  So a quick search of the kitchen gave up most of the ingredients so a little cobble together was done and here are the results:

I have to say that I’m really chuffed with these and there could be more where these came from but without the silver balls.

So Three Cheers for ME!!