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I read in a book recently that it helps to make lists of things that make you happy in an effort to boost your mood.  So I thought that as this blog is about things that make me smile, why not use it to boost my mood – your mood even.

Today is Thursday.  For me Thursday was has been the day I treat myself.  Twice in the last week I’ve seen the phrase of Cheat Day – I don’t think of it as cheat – more treat.  All week long I’ve had a longing on me for a cream cake but I resisted, knowing that I would have it on Thursday.  Had I had it when I originally wanted it, I probably wouldn’t have stopped at one!  So as a reward for not going over the top – today I had a cream donut and it was delicious!

I wonder what will be next weeks reward…

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Well it seems that I’ve picked the best week to be off. Again the busses are out of action so woohoo when I say no walk home! However even though I haven’t really been out and about I do have some soup on the go – I think it’s a weight watchers recipe but to be honest it is yummy.

Chop and dice a butternut squash, a large potato & a leek.
Chop some garlic and grate some ginger – this bit is mainly down to your own taste.
Heat the veg in a pot and then add 1.5L of veg stock.
Boil and then simmer. Soup is ready when veg is soft.

As I said it’s on the cooker as I type and I have to say the smell is absolutely fantastic!

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Bake A Cake

My mother used to make the most gorgeous boiled fruit cake but unfortunately returning to work, time constraints and losing the recipe put a stop to that. I remember you would nearly have the mixture eaten from the saucepan even before the flour went in – totally yummy! So can you imagine my joy of joys when I bought a cook book that had a recipe for boiled fruit cake in it – and it looked vaguely familiar! Over the weekend I decided I’d give it a go and boy was it good. I’d have taken photos but I was too busy scoffing the lot – ok maybe not all of the cake but a fair amount of it. I found it crumbled a bit when I cut it but to be honest I’m not overly worried. I brought some in to work and it went down well or at least nobody was out sick 😉 Following hot on the heels of this success I’m eager to try more baking (I tend to go through these phases) so I think I’m going to retire to bed with a mug of hot chocolate and my copy of Cherry Cake & Ginger Beer by Jane Brocket. I have a feeling that my next two baking forays will be more boiled fruit cake and some banana muffins – I saw the recipe in this months Weight Watchers mag and remembered I really liked them.

I have a feeling I’m going to be dreaming of cake – bliss!