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Bloglovin’ Linkage

I’m putting this out there too!

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Posie Gets Cozy: A Birthday Quilt for My Girl


I hope Alicia doesn’t mind me sharing her post but when it comes to things that make me smile this quilt makes my heart sing.  I wish I had the time and capabilities to make something so wonderful.

Don’t click like here – click on the link below the pictures to see the full beauty. Source: Posie Gets Cozy: A Birthday Quilt for My Girl

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Cats & Dogs

I love cats & dogs so I thought I’d share with you a website that somebody has put up about his cat & dachshund.

Please click – it’s cute beyond words!

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Well right now my weight is making me smile!

Yes I know it’s madness but I’m now down 1 whole stone – 14lbs!!  The plan has been to take it slowly and slow it has been – I decided in May to do it and it would seem, do it, I am!  It makes such a difference from watching the numbers going up and up.

So in May I was 14st 4lbs

In October I’m 13st 4lbs!

I’m soooo chuffed with myself but watch out for the next stone drop sometime between Jan. & April 🙂

BTW we're hitting the Autumn one of my favourite seasons so expect a few updates!
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August in Pictures

For the last month I’ve been taking part in a photo challenge!

So here’s the results:


I don’t think I could pick out a favourite picture ’cause I have to say I’m really pleased with all of them!


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Aldi Adverts

I’m sorry but these ads are simply brilliant – I was going to put them all up individually but as there are loads it might be a bit too much so here they are – play them all and only press stop when the laughing starts to hurt.

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My Niece & Nephew


Easter Eve, a set on Flickr.

This pair make me smile from ear to ear. I look forward to seeing them and when we go home we chat happily about them for ages.
Here’s a few of the pictures taken yesterday when we went over on Chocolate deliveries.

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Message To The Vintage Kitten

Hi Girl!,

If you’re out there reading this – I hope things are going well with you?

How is the snow out with you?  Are the cats & dog enjoying it?

Well, miss reading your updates so if you do read this drop me a line and say hi!


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Blitz Party

It’s such a pity we don’t live in the UK!!! This sounds like so much fun – I haven’t completely looked into the website so why not dip in as I am?

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I did have a long post written for this but it was LONG and it started to wander. A quick summary:
Pádraig was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer however he had surgery on Thursday and is making a great recovery. He will be out in a ward soon and hopefully not long after that he’ll be home.
It’s odd I’m loving having the place to myself however I miss not being able to talk to him whenever I want. What makes this even more odd is the fact that I’ve spent the majority of my waking hours with him.
Speaking of which I really should get ready to head out – my carpark ticket is valid ’til about 1.30.

Get Well Soon Sweetheart!