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Hello little forgotten Blog

This is supposed to be full of things that make me smile – given how often I post here you would be forgiven for thinking I never smile!  Sadly I’m going to shift the blame to facebook and it’s got nothing to do with my lack of effort 🙂 – honest!

We all know how it goes – you’re scrolling down your feed and you see something that you think is worth sharing for a number of reasons, so it’s easy enough – press share and the jobs oxo!  Well from now on I’m going to try and cross post a few of the more “Aww! cute” things over here – I might do an all in one post rather than each time…

So having said that I’m going to do an all in one post here’s an individual post ’cause rules were made to be broken!

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Body Confidence

Body Confidence, or lack thereof.  We all have something about ourselves that we’d change, that we want to cover up – me, I’m on a diet and I’m happy with my weight but believe me google maps couldn’t find an ankle and the legs will be permanently undercover.  SO!  it was with great glee when I saw Joanne Harris (@Joannechocolat) post her #TenTweets featuring Hilda (a girl that does not live in Ireland I can tell you – the lack of wellies & brolly are the give away!)

So are you smiling?

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Sunny Sunday Breakfast

In the mornings we have sunshine on our veranda but come the afternoon the sun is out in the back garden.

So this morning I had my breakfast out doors.  Yes the weather has been that good over the last few days.

Armed with my iPhone I took a photo but can’t decide which app – the Instagram or Flickr?




Whichever one you like let me reassure you it was all really delicious & relaxing.

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Heston Blementhal’s Perfect Christmas

I’m not treading a fine line on is it too early to mention Christmas?  For me it’s never too early 🙂

I saw this a few years ago and there was another one made subsequently but for me this is the one to watch – it’s pure magic!

Heston’s Perfect Christmas

I’ve been trying to embed it but am not having any luck so please click the link and start to feel the spirit of Christmas even if you don’t tell anybody 😉

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Well it seems that I’ve picked the best week to be off. Again the busses are out of action so woohoo when I say no walk home! However even though I haven’t really been out and about I do have some soup on the go – I think it’s a weight watchers recipe but to be honest it is yummy.

Chop and dice a butternut squash, a large potato & a leek.
Chop some garlic and grate some ginger – this bit is mainly down to your own taste.
Heat the veg in a pot and then add 1.5L of veg stock.
Boil and then simmer. Soup is ready when veg is soft.

As I said it’s on the cooker as I type and I have to say the smell is absolutely fantastic!

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Bake A Cake

My mother used to make the most gorgeous boiled fruit cake but unfortunately returning to work, time constraints and losing the recipe put a stop to that. I remember you would nearly have the mixture eaten from the saucepan even before the flour went in – totally yummy! So can you imagine my joy of joys when I bought a cook book that had a recipe for boiled fruit cake in it – and it looked vaguely familiar! Over the weekend I decided I’d give it a go and boy was it good. I’d have taken photos but I was too busy scoffing the lot – ok maybe not all of the cake but a fair amount of it. I found it crumbled a bit when I cut it but to be honest I’m not overly worried. I brought some in to work and it went down well or at least nobody was out sick 😉 Following hot on the heels of this success I’m eager to try more baking (I tend to go through these phases) so I think I’m going to retire to bed with a mug of hot chocolate and my copy of Cherry Cake & Ginger Beer by Jane Brocket. I have a feeling that my next two baking forays will be more boiled fruit cake and some banana muffins – I saw the recipe in this months Weight Watchers mag and remembered I really liked them.

I have a feeling I’m going to be dreaming of cake – bliss!

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Jam Sandwiches

We were at a BBQ this afternoon and it was lovely!! Great to see folk, eat some really lovely food – there was one particular salad there that was just yummy and I could have taken the whole dish 🙂 so it’s a light tea this evening – I was thinking boiled eggs and soldiers and then I starting thinking about childhood foods – take that egg and make it egg in a cup – I never really did figure out what Nanny did to it that made it so special but I might just try – so while I’m figuring that out I’m after polishing of bread and jam!! Raspberry Jam – Love Love Love it followed closely by Rhubarb & Ginger – num-nums!
So my question is do children these days eat jam sandwiches?

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Brand New (Rolling) Pin

This morning I was reading an article by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall about cooking with children. Please put that old joke down! I know we all like children just couldn’t eat a whole one! Anyway now that that’s out of the way – cooking with the aid of children – when I was little or younger (which ever term you prefer) Nan-nan (my grandmother) was always baking apple tarts. There was nothing I loved more than getting the remaining core of the cooking apples and dipping them in sugar to make them yummy and slightly crunchy. One year I insisted on getting a rolling pin – I don’t know if it was for a birthday or christmas present – because I tend to have cold hands a lot of the time it means I’m a dab hand at pastry. So to have my very own rolling pin was just wonderful! When I moved out of baking and home the rolling pin magically disappeared. I was living in a flat but I still wanted a rolling pin – it could come in handy!!! but I couldn’t find one that was just like the one I had – still handles and a rolling middle/barrel – no the one I got was an all in one 😦 Don’t get me wrong it worked it rolled out my shortbread biscuits to a treat but it just wasn’t the same. Anyway yesterday we went to Ikea and as we were walking around down stairs there was a random rolling pin lying about in the pictures section – I don’t know where it came from originally but I just had to have it.
So now I have my rolling pin and Hugh is cooking with children there is something that is telling cook an apple tart – all I need now is a tart dish and I shall be away in a hack.
Sorry but now that I mention the plate – I’ve just remembered the thrill of shaving off the excess pastry from the edges – I loved doing that. Ok my mission is now to get that plate and put it all to good use – I’ll post pictures if it doesn’t get eaten before I find the camera.

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December 8th

Ok so the making a post every day isn’t really working out. There have been two reasons for this – the minor one is that I was away over the weekend doing my Christmas Visits and the major reason is that our internet at home is on the blink. Right now I’m on my lunch typing this on my little net book
So festively speaking what has been happening the last post? The houses on the bus route are finally lit up. OK maybe not as much as last year but there is a recession going on. Speaking of lights I put up some lights around the fireplace on Friday. They are really pretty so I plug them in first thing in the morning so I can look at them as I potter about getting ready for work. I have to say it works really well ’cause they are white lights against black marble so there is an element of reflection going on.
My mother, sister & myself were off for the weekend visiting and delivering cards & presents etc. However when we went to visit my aunt on Sunday I realised it was the first decorated house I’d been in and there really is something about it that makes you break out in a big smile. After that visit we had the 2.5 / 3 hour drive home so I spent the evening in a daze – recovering from the journey and also trying to figure out where will I put the Christmas Tree next weekend? I’m still not sure I have a feeling that it is going to be a case of putting it together and then seeing what will fit where!
The one thing I was looking forward to when I came back from my travels was the Christmas edition of The Radio Times! According to a previous edition it was due out on Saturday but no joy – perhaps it will be in on Tuesday?! I popped my head in the door of the news agents this morning – no joy 😦 However I’m hoping for the edition that has the two dancers on it and not the dalek. I’ve gone off that stuff and Dr Who doesn’t exactly scream Christmas to me. On the other hand we’ll be getting 2 copies of it – one for me and one for himself (don’t ask!)
Speaking of Radio Times that leads me nicely into the topic of seasonal viewing 🙂 Who was watching Delia? I only want a small part of her house – boy was it fabulous! and as for the food – I think there will be one or two of those recipes experimented on over the next while. Tonight I’ll be watching Kirstie’s Homemade Christmas. Mind you I think I’ll be recording it as I’m going out tomorrow evening and will miss it – so record them and watch them as I decorate the tree!! That is a plan I’ve just come up with as I’m typing. Now I really am looking forward to Saturday 😀
Well I must go as I have to clock back in and dedicate myself to the company for the afternoon ;P