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The Tooth Fairy has been busy

My niece has lost a tooth, this means a visit from the Tooth fairy

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A Day Trip

Whenever we go to Waterford it’s always to visit family, never really to visit the place.  So yesterday that’s what we did.

On International Women’s Day, March 8th, I spotted a post within a group on Facebook that said:

“International Women’s Day exhibition at City Library, Lady lane. Opening today featuring unveiling of Blue Plaque to Rosamond Jacob, Tapestry by Waterford Women’s Centre and profiles of more than 120 forgotten Waterford Women”

Lady Lane Library Exhibition
Lady Lane Library Exhibition via Waterford History Group (closed) Facebook

Now, I had recently been reading about Rosamond Jacob, an Irish Suffragist, a Republican and an activist to her last day – she had been born in Waterford in 1888 and moved to Dublin in 1920  (She was also a Diarist – a wonderful insight to history) So the above post definitely tickled my fancy!

Saturday dawned and off we went via Bus & Luas to Heuston Station and off on the train we went to Waterford.

Dublin to the Deise


When we arrived down the library was closing for lunch so we went off to the Medieval Museum and then to the Bishop’s Palace  Wow!  It’s amazing that when you think you know something, even just a bit of something, then all of a sudden you realise you don’t even know the half of it.  Sometimes the realisation that there is some much more out there – it really is a mind blower!

After wandering around those two museums and realising we’re really going to have to make more time for them, we headed back to the library.  As we were wandering slowly along the ladies, himself called me to a particular sheet:

The Keatings of Comeragh
The Keatings of Comeragh

I couldn’t believe my eyes!  Their brother William was my great-grandfather.  Yes we know their story but to see if acknowledge,d here in a library, by others, well, it’s heart-lifting!  These stories get lost as generations come and go – even within families – so it was truly wonderful to see them here.  It has also given me that little bit more impetuous to get the stories before they (the stories) are gone.

So yes – this was definitely a day that has made me smile (even if we didn’t get to the blue plaque)

Waterford County Museum:
Waterford Library:
Glimpse app:

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Yesterday Ireland said Yes to Marriage Equality.

However, it was also seen as being about acceptance.

This photo said it all for me:

Photograph by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images
Website: The Guardian

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Slow Progress

Confession time – I hurt my hand from playing Nintendo 😦  At the time I was also making a baby blanket for my cousin, so the blanket kind of ground to a halt.

Ok it wasn’t just that my hand/thumb was killing me – it was also the fact that I’d decided to make this blanket with stripes that encouraged me to put off picking it back up again.  Don’t get me wrong – I love this blanket – it goes up lovely when you’re doing it all in the one colour.  However, a different colour for every row is a pain in the bum!  For the first few rows I didn’t weave in the ends – figuring I’d do it with the border – however I realised it was going to have to be done with each row if it was going to be well hidden.

On Friday night I dreamt that my cousin’s wife had, had a baby boy.  This would have been a good thing ’cause I was making a blanket for a girl – this might have been my sub-conscience trying to ease my guilt.  So although the plan for the weekend was to read I put it on hold and picked up hook & wool.

As I type I’ve got 50% of it done (no photo) – the fact that it’s 100 rows makes it easy to see your progress.  I also decided to post updates on Instagram as I went along:

Saturday Morning
Half way through the day…
End of Day / Sunday Starting

BTW the blanket is from this pattern:
If you do it – enjoy it.

I’ll post another photo this evening to show where I am by bed time.

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Yesterday we were invited to the Christening of a friends little girl.  We haven’t been to many Christenings so weren’t too sure what to expect.  After having one panic over some very random sign-postage and a wrong turn when we were so close to our destination we arrived just before it all started – phew.  I have to say the priest was lovely and it all seemed rather informal – which is nice, brings you into it.

Anyway afterwards we went back to their house and OMG – every time I think of that gorgeous house I’m tinged with a lot of jealousy!  The price you pay to live in the capital is a hefty one (and one I’m not entirely sure is worth it).  Anyway this is supposed to be about things that make me smile so let me tell you a bit about the proud Mammy – She is one of my dearest friends but in the last 3 yrs she has been through the ringer!  She married the man of her dreams but sadly within almost a year both of her beloved parents passed away.  They had been trying for a baby and when it finally happened A. became ill, but baby Izabel came through her mammys surgery and was finally born in October.  I have to say she is an absolute button!  I’m not prone to broody but I have to say this little moppet would do it to you with her gorgeous big eyes and jet black hair.

Please meet a little girl that is much loved.   Here it is the picture to make me smile:

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Weather Forecasts

Have you ever met Mr. Fog patches?

I don’t know why but listening to the weather forecasts, on the radio, going into town in the car with my dad this phrasing always entertained me no end.
It still does to this day. I find myself listening out for Mist or Fog Patches and in my head it automatically translates into Mr Fog Patches along with a childish clapping of hands – this too is in my head.

So next time you hear it, say hello to Mr Fog Patches!

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Ok big bounding puppy time but I’m so pleased with myself and what I managed to do.  To here’s my ta-da! moment:



Now I’m guessing there’s a fair few of you out there that can do this but I only found out about it last week and my mind has been blown!  I can see myself loosing many many hours fixing up old family photos.

The lady in the photo is my grandaunt but I’m not 100% as I’ve a choice of 2 so I’ll have to ring my mam and ask her.  But yes, I’m sooo pleased with myself.

If you see this more than once I do apologise but it’s going to be cross posted EVERYWHERE 🙂

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Christmas Music – Stop The Cavalry

Ok I’ve tried to hold off from being Christmassy but I can’t do it any longer – if I do I think I’ll burst!

Today in work we were talking about Christmas Films – I’ll keep that for another post ’cause Christmas really does make me smile so there’s LOADS to say about it.  Anyway back to office chat – the Muppets Christmas Carol was mentioned and after that the songs wouldn’t go away – can you hear it?  Does it feel like Christmas?

So I’m now at home playing with iTunes and I have my christmas music split into two – carols (church type music) and songs (chart type).  What I love about music is that there’s nearly always a story behind why you like songs – whether it’s because of a person, an event or a place – well for me the first christmas song that I want to post about is Jona Lewie – “Stop The Cavalry”  I can’t hear that song without thinking of Dad.  Specifically we’re in the car down at the traffic lights in Portmarnock village, we’re waiting for the lights to change, the song is after coming on the radio and he turns it up and we’re singing – Daddy has the same kind of singing voice as Jona Lewie and can hit the deeper notes – me?  I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket but that has never stopped me trying 🙂

Now press play and sing “duba-duba-dumdum duba-duba-dum wish I was at home…”


I know it’s mad but in my head I’m still singing it with Dad 😀

Hopefully this will be the first of many posts about all of the glorious things I love about Christmas

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Memories of Nannan

This evening I was watching River Cottage Every Day and the topic of the programme was Breakfast. Hugh was singing the praises of oats and saying how he loved porridge.
I love porridge and it would be my breakfast of choice this probably stems from my grandmother (Nannan) She always made me porridge whenever I stayed over. However there was one morning that sticks with me and makes me giggle to this day.
Nannan and I were chatting while she was getting the porridge ready. Once it was ready, she got out the two bowls and sprinkled sugar on the bottom of them. So chatting away she started to pour the porridge into the bowls – however it was only after she had finished pouring into the first bowl that we realised it had all been poured into the sugar bowl!!!
I know that it’s not that funny and you probably had to be there but it still makes me smile – we had such great times and I still miss her. Some day soon I’ll tell you about walking on the beach – nothing funny just a happy memory.

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I’ve started a cross-stitch project even though I’m not finished with the snowflake throw 😦 I was given the kit a while ago and it’s been asked after on a number of occasions so I’ve decided to do it and get it over with. Sometimes I get the impression that I might have to give it back once it’s completed – however I don’t know we’ll just have to wait and see. My major grumble is the fact that joy has been taken out of it – the sooner it’s done the better.
Anyway I know I’m saying the joy is gone but probably an exaggeration ’cause when I’m doing it I know I’ll enjoy it. Hohum!!
Anyway time to finish sorting out the threads – sorry to be grumbly!