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The Big Snow

Here in Ireland we get two types of weather – warm rain and cold rain – ok that’s an exaggeration but sometimes I don’t think that it’s by much.  I have to admit I don’t mind the rain and given a choice I’d pick cold rain.  However, the weather episode of choice for me is Snow!  probably because we don’t get it that often and so it holds its magic.  I have a feeling if it arrived every year it would turn tiresome and mundane, but it doesn’t, so it isn’t 🙂

This year I turned 40, yes I know I don’t look a day over 21 but there you have it!  There is one snow event that it still referred to in hushed tones of awe – The Big Snow of ’82.  I was 6 and a half (always important at that age!) and we had only lived in Dublin 2yrs.  As Dylan Thomas said “I can never remember whether it snowed for six days and six nights when I was twelve, or whether it snowed for twelve days and twelve nights when I was six”, all I can remember is that it seemed to go on forever.

One of the things that stuck in my memory from that time is Soft Cell and Marc Almonds trousers when he was on Top of the Pops singing “Tainted Love” – he looked like he was wearing black sacks ( I was 6!).

When the snow came people did put black sacks into their wellies and up their legs to keep their trousers dry.  Or at least I think that was it – I don’t think we were that trendy in Portmarnock to have those kind of baggy trousers, and if we were you certainly wouldn’t have worn them with wellies!

So what is it that has brought about this bout of nostalgia?  Well it’s that time of year again when the papers and websites start to predict snow – the coldest winter in 50 years, since records began, EVER!!!!  Happily they are simply reprinting the same stories as last year and simply updating the numbers.  In one such story I saw a link to a home video from 1982!  Yes, Virginia, A home video – smart phones? – ha! this was the hi-tech end of the analogue age (more nostalgia?)  So it’s not as crisp and it doesn’t have volume, for some I suppose the snow isn’t even that high, but for me it was a wonderful time – no responsibilities, no school, randomly no electricity but we had snow and enough of it to make snowmen!


(And another with more colour and a bit of chat)

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If you know me, then you know I have a thing about snow.  I love it.  Actually, I love what is generally considered bad weather.

I also like to take photos.  There are a great many photographers out there that I wish I had but a fraction of their talent, but there is one photographer who takes the photos I’d love to take!

Meet Christophe Jacrot:  Facebook, Twitter, Website

On his site he has them all grouped – How about:


Melting Greenland (a sad thought for such beautiful photographs)

Winter In Town

and most recently White Iceland the photo on this page that I love is The Orange Tunnel!

this is a sample of his fantastic work:

SantaClaus – not going to make it too big – click on the links behind them holds such beautiful visions!

This is the one thing that isn’t making me smile – he had an exhibition in Paris November-ish time and we just couldn’t get over.  Hohum – I’ll just have to keep checking back just in case there’s another one.

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Two Of My Favourite Things

Snow covered Champs-Elysées Avenue by Mehdi Fedouach/AFP/Getty Images


Snow & Paris – what more could you ask for in May?

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This is something I love to watch every New Years Day and this year is no exception.

Right now we are waiting for the Blue Danube & the Radetzky March 🙂

We were looking at the concert hall where it is taking place and it really does look like a chocolate box all golden and flowers.  In the audience I’ve spotted Julie Andrews – I’m jealous!  You know how some people would love to go to Wimbledon well I’d love to go to this concert!  Although I’m not too sure I could sit still for the entire thing – right now I’m prancing around my living room pretending to waltz and polka – all of those weekends spent watching Strictly Come Dancing have not been wasted 😉

The Danube has started with shots of the river and SNOW – it looks so magical – it all combines to make the heart swell.

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra


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Heston Blementhal’s Perfect Christmas

I’m not treading a fine line on is it too early to mention Christmas?  For me it’s never too early 🙂

I saw this a few years ago and there was another one made subsequently but for me this is the one to watch – it’s pure magic!

Heston’s Perfect Christmas

I’ve been trying to embed it but am not having any luck so please click the link and start to feel the spirit of Christmas even if you don’t tell anybody 😉

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Christmas Music – Stop The Cavalry

Ok I’ve tried to hold off from being Christmassy but I can’t do it any longer – if I do I think I’ll burst!

Today in work we were talking about Christmas Films – I’ll keep that for another post ’cause Christmas really does make me smile so there’s LOADS to say about it.  Anyway back to office chat – the Muppets Christmas Carol was mentioned and after that the songs wouldn’t go away – can you hear it?  Does it feel like Christmas?

So I’m now at home playing with iTunes and I have my christmas music split into two – carols (church type music) and songs (chart type).  What I love about music is that there’s nearly always a story behind why you like songs – whether it’s because of a person, an event or a place – well for me the first christmas song that I want to post about is Jona Lewie – “Stop The Cavalry”  I can’t hear that song without thinking of Dad.  Specifically we’re in the car down at the traffic lights in Portmarnock village, we’re waiting for the lights to change, the song is after coming on the radio and he turns it up and we’re singing – Daddy has the same kind of singing voice as Jona Lewie and can hit the deeper notes – me?  I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket but that has never stopped me trying 🙂

Now press play and sing “duba-duba-dumdum duba-duba-dum wish I was at home…”


I know it’s mad but in my head I’m still singing it with Dad 😀

Hopefully this will be the first of many posts about all of the glorious things I love about Christmas

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Good Intentions

Well the end of the year is almost here and I am giving lots of thought to crafts for next year. As I type I am absolutely itching to stitch but I’m making a throw and I’m determined to finish it. In fairness I should have finished it AGES ago but as per usual it was put down – no that’s a lie – I didn’t put it down I did carry it around with me and did nothing else with it.
So the plan is finish the throw and and then look in to the big bag of patterns/kits I just so happened to buy at the knitting & stitching show in October. I should probably stop putting temptation in my way by looking up patterns on the internet – but they really are soo yummy. I think I will gently ease myself into stitching with a few biscornu – no shush! I’m getting distracted from my remaining 9 snowflakes – sure after that there’s only the background – it will be lovely for Christmas just which one???

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The First Sunday of Advent

(I meant to post this this morning but I forgot – oops! )
As I sit here and type I have no real idea of what Advent is. Is that a terrible thing for me to admit? Anyway before I go off and figure out what Advent is let me tell you about my day so far (it’s only 9.40am!) Last night we were torn between watching the X-Factor (distinctly lack luster) and looking out the window waiting for snow. Snow didn’t come so we went to bed but woke at about 3am to see that yes like Father Christmas the snow was waiting for us to go to sleep before it came. I’m really amazed that I managed to go back to sleep as normally I’d be bouncing around like a hyperactive child fully of fizzy drinks – I think the 3am part had a lot to do with it. However joy of joys the snow was still on the ground when I got up and is still there – we don’t have this type of weather – it just doesn’t happen – however this is the earliest snow has fallen is a long time – according to the weather folk in the UK who are getting it much worse than here.

Out of our three cats only one of them wanted to go out. I was watching her and she seemed to go into slinking hunting mode immediately – I’m not sure what she could see but I did notice that there was snow falling from the washing line – so I’m guessing bird or possibly neighbouring cat testing the line.

Anyway time to go and figure out about Advent.