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A grand cup of tea

She might be gone but she’ll never be forgotten- my lovely little Pip helping herself to an unguarded mug of tea 😸

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A Rare Sunny Bank holiday Monday

I had been out the back but went into the house for a minute – it would seem that no space in sacred.

Here’s Daisy

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Or Shankill Old Folks Association – have their regular book sale on the first Saturday of every month. We don’t normally get to go out to it too often as himself has to work – however since he is out sick we ventured out – mind you we don’t venture out for too long as himself doesn’t like to be out of his surrounding for too long. However today was slightly different – off we went and plunged into the books. I didn’t get too much ’cause I’m not really looking for books at the moment – I came away with:

Ngaio Marsh = Enter A Murderer – I can’t find an image of the book online but it does have a rather splendid cover illustrated by Philip Hood.

Rebecca Shaw = Omnibus edition of The New Rector & Talk Of The Village.
I haven’t read any of these but have seen them on occasion and thought for that price (€3-) why not give it a go?

Himself had a rather large haul but as this is about things that make me smile we won’t mention the boxes of magazines he got – nah I don’t really mind but sometimes it’s fun to pretend I disapprove 😉

Afterwards we went to visit one of the kittens we had to re-house. The new owner is an old friend of himself so it was interesting to sit there and listen to them swap stories. I have to say though it was really nice to sit out in the garden drinking orange with the sun shining and the cat & dogs picking people at random for rubs. I hope we get another chance to do that again.

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Kitten Boldness

We came across some old photos:

Daisy & Oscar

In fairness himself put them in the pot – but it was a time of heady innocence. Now-a-days they will get into the pot themselves and it’s no longer considered innocent- it’s treated with suspicion. Ahh you may say – but I’ve seen what they’ve done to boxes – and they weren’t bothering anyone!

Ah yes lovely little pud-puds!


You can tell just by looking at them – Daisy (white & fluffy) very curious and naughty, Oscar – loves to have a lie down.

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Leisurely Saturday

I’ve surfaced and gone for my morning walk – it’s not long 20 to 25 minutes – it blows out the cobwebs and allows me some me time to think over things that need to be done or things I want to get done. Anyway I’ve done that and I’m now finished breakfast and I’m about to go off shopping.
I’m going to Blanchardstown SC to do my food shop but I think there will be one or two other stops in various places down there. The one looming largest in my mind is the Pet Store – we have a moggy who seems to have taken to randomly piddling in places. There is a vet visit in her future but I’m not 100% that it’s just naughtiness and bad habits – who knows what they get up to when we’re at work!! Once the cat is attended to shopping wise I think it will be browsing time. I also need a pair of shoes for a wedding and I’m having no luck as I’m a bit picky and can’t really handle high heels but I do need something with a ‘bit’ of a heel – poo!
The other day somebody some where mentioned that they were going to watch the BBC Pride & Prejudice and to be honest it sounds like a fantastic idea. So once shopping is done I’m going to come home put my feet up and indulge in Jane Austen – Ah Bliss!
So it’s now time to go!

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Preparing for the new arrival

NO! it’s not what you’re thinking. Our telly is trying to decide when it’s going to stop working and in what fashion. It was simply a stroke of luck that my parents were thinking of getting a new telly so they have offered us their old one. When I say old it could be what – 2 possibly 3 years old – max. The only thing is it is somewhat bigger then the one we have now. It’s a 40 something inch screen so that means a furniture rearrangement and that includes the cats chair. It will be good to have it in and installed ’cause himself is going into hospital next week to get his appendix out and at least now he can lie out on the sofa and have the really big telly to watch.
At the moment I have most of the windows and doors open – when we came home yesterday a tom cat had sprayed our front door and as there is a gap at the bottom the stench made it into the house. Ok we have 4 cats there is bound to some sort of a smell of cat every once in a while but this was revolting! If I could catch the cat I’d be tempted to take it to the vets and get a little jobbie done on it.
Anyway I’m sorting through some books and paperwork that’s lying around the living room and then I’ve to start on the dinner.
I thought that Sundays were supposed to be a day of rest? A days work (well part of anyway) and then it’s work tomorrow! Ah well such is life.

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The Sisters

In September 2006 coming home from Weight Watchers we found 4 kittens playing with the traffic.  We kept two of them and my parents rehoused the other two.  Here are the little ladies that we held onto:

Daisy 23/08/2006

And here is her sister despite the name (she was sexed at an early age)

Oscar 23/08/2006

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Next came Tom in a matter of weeks – I think word went around the cat community that we were taking in strays. Affectionately called Tomtoms

Tom 01/01/1996


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I’ve just realised that I’ve never introduced the four cats that have taken a shine to living with us.
There will be pictures of the others to follow but to begin with this is:
Pip (01/04/04)