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This is something I love to watch every New Years Day and this year is no exception.

Right now we are waiting for the Blue Danube & the Radetzky March 🙂

We were looking at the concert hall where it is taking place and it really does look like a chocolate box all golden and flowers.  In the audience I’ve spotted Julie Andrews – I’m jealous!  You know how some people would love to go to Wimbledon well I’d love to go to this concert!  Although I’m not too sure I could sit still for the entire thing – right now I’m prancing around my living room pretending to waltz and polka – all of those weekends spent watching Strictly Come Dancing have not been wasted 😉

The Danube has started with shots of the river and SNOW – it looks so magical – it all combines to make the heart swell.

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra




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