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Girl Guides

I’ve just watched a programme on BBC4 about 100 Years of Girl Guides.  I’m watching it and I can safely say hindsight is a wonderful thing.  There were times when I absolutely hated it but I think I got more out of it in the long run and would love to go back.  However between one thing and another I can’t really – long story but there you go.

I joined the Lambay pack Brownies when I was 6 (1981 / 82) and I stayed with it through to Girl Guides and went on to become a young leader.  However school got in the way and there endeth my guiding career.   Some of my fondest memories were of weekends away – the best was when we went to Interlaken in Switzerland and we got to visit Our Chalet.  It was the year of the Italian World Cup – Italia ’90, this put an end to any planned trip into Italy due to the amount of people going there the leaders figured we’d be better off staying where we were.  We had so much fun and my most vivid memories were of dancing out on the drive way with basins on our heads ’cause the hail stones were absolutely HUGE!  and the other huge things were the Toblerones – yum!  I’ve often want to go back and some day I will.

Yes I have to say looking back it was fun – ok maybe I didn’t appreciate the mandatory fun but that came under the banner of all inclusive 😉

I know niece-y is only one but I hope it’s something that my sister gets her involved in as it really will server her well in her future.

Have to go as I’m being shredded by a cat 😦



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