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I think I may have mentioned before that I don’t knit. I just find it too awkward. I feel as if I’m missing a spare hand. So with this in mind – I’m knitting (eek)
I was out and about during my morning coffee break and I went into one of the wool shops near the office. It was there that I came across this wool. I decided on the colour Cupcake and with my new wool there was a book of easy patterns (at least I hope it will be easy)  Anyway I came home with pattern book and decided upon the One Button Wonder and that was when I choose the colour and promptly bought a pair of needles and 10 balls of wool.  I have most of the back done but have now hit upon a piece that requires me to try and figure out what they mean.  Once that is done the back will be complete and then it’s on to whatever is next on the pattern.  Somebody in work told me that I could have it done for Easter but somehow I don’t think so.   I am painfully slow so I will have it done for Christmas.   I will admit that I’m thinking of cheating a little and getting my mother to sew it up for me.  Now that I’m on the topic of my knitting and what it is that I’m knitting – I really should go out and get a button otherwise it will be a wonder!

Over the weekend somebody suggested that I look to continental style knitting – I had a look and tried it out and couldn’t manage it at all.  Mind you I’m amazed I’m after getting this far with what I am doing.  It would seem that I don’t craft with finesse.  I am very awkward while I’m doing whatever it is I’m doing but it turns out fairly alright when it’s done – except for cooking – taste yes but presentation leaves a lot to be desired.

Anyway back to my code breaking.



As I type I'm 40 odd yrs. Sometimes very odd :) I'm married and have 2 cats - Oscar & Daisy. I love to cook, craft, read & watch TV This is to be the place that makes me smile.

2 thoughts on “Knitting

  1. Hiya, The kettle is on and Robert Powell is on the DVD………….God he was gorgeous in his younger days. Theres a crime programme that he narrated about 15 years ago and its always repeated on the crime channel and his voice is like velvet……Ooh Ooh! Hope you had a lovely Easter X


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