Body Confidence

Body Confidence, or lack thereof.  We all have something about ourselves that we’d change, that we want to cover up – me, I’m on a diet and I’m happy with my weight but believe me google maps couldn’t find an ankle and the legs will be permanently undercover.  SO!  it was with great glee when I saw Joanne Harris (@Joannechocolat) post her #TenTweets featuring Hilda (a girl that does not live in Ireland I can tell you – the lack of wellies & brolly are the give away!)

So are you smiling?

Snow covered Champs-Elysées Avenue by Mehdi Fedouach/AFP/Getty Images


Snow & Paris – what more could you ask for in May?

A Lovely Picture

There’s something really nice and simple about this – one more photo you wish you’d taken yourself.

Photo taken by Laura Malucchi


Yesterday we were invited to the Christening of a friends little girl.  We haven’t been to many Christenings so weren’t too sure what to expect.  After having one panic over some very random sign-postage and a wrong turn when we were so close to our destination we arrived just before it all started – phew.  I have to say the priest was lovely and it all seemed rather informal – which is nice, brings you into it.

Anyway afterwards we went back to their house and OMG – every time I think of that gorgeous house I’m tinged with a lot of jealousy!  The price you pay to live in the capital is a hefty one (and one I’m not entirely sure is worth it).  Anyway this is supposed to be about things that make me smile so let me tell you a bit about the proud Mammy – She is one of my dearest friends but in the last 3 yrs she has been through the ringer!  She married the man of her dreams but sadly within almost a year both of her beloved parents passed away.  They had been trying for a baby and when it finally happened A. became ill, but baby Izabel came through her mammys surgery and was finally born in October.  I have to say she is an absolute button!  I’m not prone to broody but I have to say this little moppet would do it to you with her gorgeous big eyes and jet black hair.

Please meet a little girl that is much loved.   Here it is the picture to make me smile:


Hello there!  Long time no post…

I’m fascinated by weather.  I tend to keep an eye on it if we’re ever going away and the difference between predicted and observed is great – how wrong or right did they get it?

So what makes me smile?  The internet!
Previously the weather was simply something that was on after the evening news and a 5-7 day forecast on Countryfile.

These days there are websites such as :
Met Éireann
Weather Channel
Irish Weather Online (Facebook Link but excellent)
A Norwegian site: www.yr.no
are just a few samples

However my latest find is Earth Wind Map  I could watch this for hours!

So yes Weather Forecasts make me smile (although I suspect the Maths involved would make me cry!)

Weather Forecasts

Have you ever met Mr. Fog patches?

I don’t know why but listening to the weather forecasts, on the radio, going into town in the car with my dad this phrasing always entertained me no end.
It still does to this day. I find myself listening out for Mist or Fog Patches and in my head it automatically translates into Mr Fog Patches along with a childish clapping of hands – this too is in my head.

So next time you hear it, say hello to Mr Fog Patches!

In the mornings we have sunshine on our veranda but come the afternoon the sun is out in the back garden.

So this morning I had my breakfast out doors.  Yes the weather has been that good over the last few days.

Armed with my iPhone I took a photo but can’t decide which app – the Instagram or Flickr?




Whichever one you like let me reassure you it was all really delicious & relaxing.


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